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Warning! Any drawings that I upload (if I upload any) suck, cuz I'm too much of a pansy to expose any others to the public! (it hurts less to get negative comments on drawings that I dont like, than on drawings that I'm proud of) Aha XD






Hayley Sykes
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
-I always give llamas for favourites, watches, or llamas! I do this because I strongly dislike commenting on people's profiles :I
-If, for whatever reason, you wish for me to view your gallery or deviations, giving me a llama is your best bet. I always ignore comments (on my profile) and I really hate getting PMS like "you should TOTES check out my gallery~ kay bye" :iconwthplz:
Not that I'm trying to get llamas or anything... Well maybe a little. But stilll
-IMPORTANT AS FUCK: PLEASE DON'T FUCKING ASK ME TO TAKE PICTURES OF MY FEET. EVER. It's great that you have a feet fetish, but I happen to loathe feet with a passion. They're just... No. So don't ask, because I am not interested.
- NEW RULE THING: Please don't ask to add me to Skype. First of all, I only use Skype for personal reasons. Second of all, I never use that sonofabitch anyways, cuz that motherfucker always glitches and lags like none other. And I suck at talking to people anyways. So yeah. Sorry to disappoint.
-PLEASE, DON'T ASK FOR A FANSIGN unless I specifically told you that you can have one or if I talk to you enough that you feel like we could be considered internet friends/acquaintances. I really don't even know why I have done them in the past.
Anyways... Hi
, the name's Hayley... :iconcutehiplz: Here's some useless/insignificant information about me.
:bulletblack: I enjoy drawing, but rarely do I finish any of projects. I do, however, consider myself an "artist".
:bulletblack: I am atheist, but I do respect what others believe.
:bulletblack: I curse like a sailor.
:bulletblack: I'm socially awkward. "Socially inept" is actually more accurate, but it sounds worse. So basically, don't expect me to be great at communication.
:bulletblack: Yeah, I'm not the kindest person in existence. I have a tendency to be blunt or to come off as arrogant. So, if you think that I'm a dick, sorry.
:bulletblack: Nothing bothers me more than terrible grammar. I know that I may not have the best grammar, but at least what I write is fairly readable.
:bulletblack: I have an obsession with horror, gore, fantasy, science fiction, and Tomb Raider. Mostly Tomb Raider. And Doctor Who (David Tennant!)
:bulletblack: Reddit is awesome!
:bulletblack: I wear elf ears in public.
:bulletblack: I am a gamer. I love MMORPGS. And Tomb Raider.
:bulletblack: Math is my favourite subject. I want to be a computer engineer, so...
:bulletblack: I have a TON of phobias, so I believe that it's safe to say that I am paranoid/crazy.
:bulletblack: I love Marvel.
:bulletblack: Ohhh so I'm underage, so don't ask for booby pictures.
Yeah, I don't know what else to say. So I will spam you with cute things so that you think I'm a happy person.



I fraking love pokemon :iconpikapikaplz:
Charmander and Umbreon are my favourites, but Pikachu is cute :I
:iconpikachuglompplz::iconpikapikaplz::iconkawaiipikaplz::iconpikaplz::iconbrvrplz::iconbrvrlaplz:<- Oh, and I love creepypasta.
In case anyone is wondering about my (stupid) username, 17 is my favourite number. Not only was I born on the 17th of September, but something really important to me happened on the 17th of a month. Soo, the number kinda means a great deal to me because of that. Vagueness FTW!
Surprisingly, I have been really optimistic in the past week. If any of you know me at all, you know that I'm negative and bitchy as dick. I've just been so content with my life lately, I don't even know. Even yearbook, which I was concerned about, is going pretty well. It's a good feeling.

I'll be posting some pictures (of my face prolly) this weekend. So expect that. Plus I'm thinking I'll work on a photomanipulation as a special thanks to all of my wonderful watchers :heart:

Seriously, I'm still so stoked for the (over) 500 watchers. I feel like this is an early birthday present for me :heart: Which, by the way, is coming up this Tuesday, on the 17th! I hope it doesn't suck dick like usual.

Also, I'd like to address the fact that I am generally a demeaning asshole who hates talking to people on the internet. I mentioned this on my profile, and someone pointed it out as seeming mean. Which I get that it comes off strongly, but said person also stated that it made him or her like my gallery less. Which was sad to me, but I'm honestly pretty thankful to have that pointed out. For some reason, in my attempt to grow personally, I have started trying to be less of an asshole. Which is a lot easier to do now that I'm actually fairly happy. So I'd like to apologize for being an utter bitch in the past, and I'm looking forward to starting anew.
But I'll still probably suck at talking to people via internet. 
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Cryotic being a sexy fuck
  • Reading: r/nosleep
  • Watching: Cry Plays: Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines
  • Playing: Well, just finished Metroid Zero Mission again
  • Eating: Time and space
  • Drinking: Dick

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y do u hate feet so much?  you should love your feet.  It supports you, it carry you, and if you need to run from danger it will do all it can.  Can you imagine you no longer have your feet?

Can you imagine if your feet have feeling?  It would get hurt so bad because you it's only love, hates it.  Your feet would be in the deepest pit of despair.

Love all your body parts because they are apart of you and they make you whole.  :)
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Whoa, can I have a foot photo, your skype, or a fansign? Amg!

Seriously though, long time no see
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